2017 Raleigh Arts Festival
May 19-12, 2017

During the 2017 event, the festival attracted more than 80,000 spectators. The artists participating in the festival are both professional and amateur. Over 170 artists performed dances and music performances; ethnic food exchanges; visual arts, calligraphy, and textile design exhibitions. There are also several art societies in the Chinese community.

 The main contents of this event include:

Naturalization Ceremony: About 250 people representing 83 countries will become US citizens. This ceremony is also the opening ceremony of the festival. Every year, distinguished guests from the city and the country participate in the ceremony.

The main stage: various art groups perform dance competitions, performances, fashion shows, wedding dress shows, etc. Miss World is also performing catwalk performances here.

Stage: Dance studios, schools, orchestras and other community-related creative arts practitioners showcase their talents here.

Children's corner: Raleigh Park, recreation center, museums, etc. cooperate with local institutions to prepare various games and manual interactive activities for children, such as poodle show, puppet show and storytelling, mask making, and ethnic handicrafts.

Cultural Exhibition: More than 40 cultural exhibition booths that embody different ethnic characteristics, displaying their own traditional handicrafts or ethnic decorations, and inviting visitors to learn interactively.

International Gatherings: Bring together international food suppliers, small markets, and folk dances from around the world to enrich the cultural experience of the festival.


1. Artists are invited to the Phil Cook (country music), Ed Stephenson and the Paco Band and a series of artists, artisans. They sell cloth products, glass products, wood products, jewelry, pottery, etc. at the bazaar.

2. Katena Luminarium by the Architects of Air

In this large inflatable device, people can experience another experience of light and color. The author of the device has been traveling the world with it for 25 years.

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